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Mobile App Design

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Everything You Need to Design A Mobile App. eekends are a great time to give new creative tools and techniques a try; no pressure from bosses or clients, and (hopefully) no email or phone call interruptions. This weekend, between time with friends and family, try designing a mobile app with Adobe XD. It’s our all-in-one UX/UI tool for designing, prototyping, and sharing your website and mobile app experiences. [...]

1510, 2019

40 Brands Using WordPress.

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Learn to think smart. Do you want to know which big name brands are using WordPress? One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open-source, it may not be good enough for big brands. To disprove this myth, we have created a list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress on their websites. 1. TechCrunch 2. The New Yorker 3. BBC [...]

1110, 2019

15 Best WordPress Plugins

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Learn to think smart. We are covering some of the best free (and paid in some cases) WordPress plugins. WordPress has the highest market share among CMSs around the globe. It would not have been possible without the help of plugins. WordPress has been beating competitors like Wix and Squarespace for the last several years. WordPress is equally loved by both developers and users alike.The growth rate of WordPress [...]

1810, 2017

Adobe For Web Designers

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Learn to think smart. A web designer needs more than pure creativity to show his talent to the world. You never know when a new cool concept will occur to you. In order to express your creative capabilities to the fullest, you need to keep the right tools handy. What is today’s top recommended web design software? Let's check it out below. 1. Photoshop 2. Illustrator 3. [...]

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